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Herr Sferlazza

Herr Sferlazza
Status: Maschinenhändler, Mitglied seit 2024
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The business of trading both mechanical and hydraulic presses, feeding lines and used machine tools, arises from many years of experience in the industrial sector of cold sheet metal stamping. The customer is assisted, through collaborations, in the assessments of the current state of the machinery, in the revision and compliance with relevant declaration of conformity. In Italy the customer is supported in the practices for Industry 4.0. Over the years, collaborative relationships have developed with some of the main new manufacturing companies, both for presses and for feeding lines. Collaboration has always been provided in all areas of the world, thanks to partnership relationships built over the years With a view to corporate growth, we focus on new projects to create new collaborations and consolidate existing ones. To this end, through an important synergy, the presence in Germany and neighboring countries has been strengthened. Technical consultancy is provided and the customer can also be supported in finding new subcontracted jobs in the moulding, co-moulding and mold construction sectors. The business is constantly looking both in Italy and in Europe for modern and efficient machinery .