Gebrauchte Falzmaschine HORIZON AFC-746 F

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Eintrags-Nr.: 163529118 Anzahl: 1 Datum: 12.07.2024
Baujahr: 2011 Standort: Land-DE Deutschland
Preis: [netto] 30.000 EUR
Hersteller: Horizon
Modell: AFC-746 F
Maschinentyp: Gebrauchte Falzmaschine
Beschreibung: Gebrauchte Falzmaschine Horizon AFC-746 F


Offer consists of:

Horizon AFC-746 F
6-pocket folding machine

- Parallel breaking rollers condition: %
- Cross-fold rollers I condition: %
- Cross-fold rollers II Condition: %

- Rollers overhauled parallel break:
- Cross fold rollers on request

- Folding machine AFC-746 F

Horizon folding machine AFC-746 F:

1st folding unit: 6 pockets
2nd folding unit: knife plus right folding pocket
3rd folding unit: knife

- Paper weight: 40-250g/sqm
- Pile height pallet feeder: 1.200mm

- Format:
max. 738x1.100mm with pallet feeder
max. 738x1.300mm with round pile feeder
min. 210x297mm

- largest fold length: 560mm
- smallest fold length: 35mm ( 58mm in pocket 1)

- output: max. 240m/min, 35.000 cycles/h in cross-fold

- dimensions: 4.379x1.870
- Weight: 2.441/2.578kg; pallet/round pile feeder

On request we can organise the following for you:

Packing, loading, transport ( by ship or plane) including customs clearance.
Obtaining a leasing offer

this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit

The used Horizon AFC-746 F Folding Machine, manufactured in 2011, is a versatile and highly efficient post-press equipment that has been a valuable asset in the commercial printing and bindery industry. Renowned for its precision, speed, and automation, this machine plays a crucial role in folding a wide range of printed materials with precision and consistency.

The AFC-746 F features an intuitive and user-friendly interface with programmable settings, simplifying job setup and reducing the need for manual adjustments. It excels at handling various paper sizes and types, offering flexibility in the folding process. Whether its brochures, newsletters, or direct mail pieces, this machine can efficiently handle a diverse array of folding jobs.

One of its standout features is its high-speed folding capability, making it suitable for high-volume production environments. It can achieve remarkable folding speeds while maintaining accuracy, ensuring that jobs are completed quickly and efficiently.

Despite its age, the used Horizon AFC-746 F Folding Machine from 2011 continues to deliver dependable and consistent performance. Its robust construction and precise engineering enable it to withstand the demands of a busy print environment, ensuring high-quality folding.
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