1 Angebote Einständer-Kurbelpressen

Kategorie 470: Einständer-Kurbelpressen
Baujahr: 1979
Standort: Land-De Deutschland, 50937 Köln
Verkäufer: Gewerbe Dmitri Perfilov

Press mechanical, crank K0134 (KO134) is designed for the manufacture of precision-sized parts with a minimum amount of machining in large-scale and mass production. Features of mechanical, crank press K0134 (KO-134): - Modified knee-lever drive. - Rigid welded construction of the frame. - High quality of the received forgings. - The presence of multi-position lower and upper ejectors of great effort and stroke. - Mechanical adjustment of closed height. - Centralized liquid lubrication with control of lubricant supply to each point. - Minimum speed of deformation increases the service life of the tool. - The press works in automatic mode. Nominal force, kN 2500 Ram ...

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