1 Angebote Betonstahlbiegemaschinen

Kategorie 2486: Betonstahlbiegemaschinen
Baujahr: 2014
Standort: Land-de DE 48268 Greven, Schillerstr. 14
Verkäufer: michael sapion engineering, consulta & marketing

One semi new EVG Polybend PBX16 A-HD from 2014 good as new, with Automatic wire changing system Second modul for bending wires on both ends Advance speed: up to 185m/min Speed for bending: 1800°/sec Single wire from 6.0mm to 16.0mm and double wire from 6.0 to 14.0mm 9 motorized pay offs, each for max 5 ton coils 1 straightening extension up to 16.000mm 2 carriage for bended and starighten producsts of: 12m+1,5m Data inputsystem in different languages selectable ( russian, polnish, romanian ) Machine can be inspected in production

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